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Pediatric chiropractics on child

There are many ways our doctors can use chiropractic to help infants, toddlers and kids of all ages. Some are listed below:

  • Use Craniopathy with Children, a technique that is particularly helpful for infants experiencing colic, reflux, cranial distortion, sleep issues and recovering from traumatic births.
  • Perform tongue-tie assessment and post correction cranial work.
  • Treat emergency injuries from falls, bumps, bruises and ow-wies.
  • Work with children throughout childhood and adolescence to foster strong development.
  • Offer parents information on homeopathy, food sensitivity testing and nutritional support for their children.
  • Work to prevent and heal injuries in young athletes.
  • Work with coaches and trainers to develop appropriate rehab and strength building plans.
  • Treat and support youth with concussions to make faster and fuller recoveries.
  • Support and prevent orthodontic intervention with cranial work.
  • Work with pediatricians to follow the recommended Helmet Protocol for Plagiocephaly which states that less invasive treatment must be tried for 3 months prior to fitting for helmets. Helmets can sometimes be avoided altogether through the use of Cranial Chiropractic work for infants.

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